Projet Management

As a perfect right hand adviser for its contractors, EMTS is offering adapted turn key projects, including studies and general supervision of the works through Temporary Company Groupings in conception and operation.

We propose adapted solutions to technical problems specific to each problematic following a serious feasibility study taking into account the restraints and the objective originally set down.

Projet Management, Corrosion-Environment-Engineering EMTS-1256542367

The feasibility study leads to forecast several scenarios . Each selected scenario will satisfy the evaluation of the risks linked to environment, to the operation conditions or to the emergency heading over the project and will be followed by an estimated balance sheet, an investment and operating cost evaluation of the project (in terms of human and material means), foreseeable delays and possible returns on investment.


Project monitoring : EMTS places its technical, human as well as material resources at disposal for :

the administrative approach for the worksite opening, planning and demolition permission, abestos collection plan, DICT… 
equipment and material management and monitoring, relations and negociations with the suppliers, 
relations with the team in charge of study and methodology before work starting off, 
supplying and general organisation of the work site, 
affectation of the selected specialists and planning of the monopolised team, 
organisation of the working teams and implementation of the security measures specific to the work site, 
teams stimulation on the work site (project manager, team managers, workers), 
work monitoring in respect with the cost, delay and quality constraints requested by the client, 
meeting organisation and minutes of meeting reporting,
expenses and invoicing monitoring, 
end of work and acceptance work binding file constitution.

Projet Management, Corrosion-Environment-Engineering EMTS-117

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