Corrosion, Material Protection

EMTS offers an expertise in the field of corrosion protection, from the conception, manufacturing and starting phase to the operating, maintenance or post disaster phase.

Functional needs to concieve specifications and the relative procedures.

Manufacturing and work monitoring to ensure the respect of the specifications, the treatment of the non conformities in the best possible conditions, and thus ensure the requested quality.

EMTS gathers all the human and material ressources required for the independent expertise investigations in order to meet any specific need.

Internal and inner training meant for technicians and engineers, in charge of studies, manufacturing or maintenance.

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Ajaccio Business and Industrial Chamber
Grand Port Maritime de Marseille
Chambre de Commerce et de l\'Industrie de la Martinique
Toulon Provence Méditérannée - Station d'épuration d'Amphitria
EDF Martinique - Centrale de la Pointe des Carrières

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